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Welcome to TLM CyberStrategy

Utilising over 25 years of experience in Technology Solution Delivery coupled with Cyber/Data Security we help to protect all business types; from large complex Corporations with global reach, Small and Medium Companies seeking to grow their online revenue, through to brand new StartUp Companies looking to take advantage of online payments.

Working with company Boards, Founders, and Executives to build and implement best business practice for online, data, and cyber security using Our Proven 5 Step Framework, which involves :

  1. Utilising global benchmark standards such as: the National Institute of Standards and Technology Framework (NIST), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Standards, as well as examining Legal and Regulatory requirements to inform, advise and plan an individualised approach for the best Cyber and Data Strategy for your  Company and 
  2. Developing a Company Cyber and Data Security Strategy, with new Company Performance Metrics using input from your Board and Executive members that will build, transform and protect the Company.
  3. Using scenario planning and risk management best practices to develop the optimal Organisational Design to work alongside your Company Performance Metrics.
  4. Developing a Program of Work to achieve the new Company Strategy, with options and recommendations to improve and upgrade all Company Policies, Processes, Procedures, Technologies, internal Organisational Services.
  5. Measuring the transformation of the New Organisation Design through the agreed upon Performance Metrics and KPI’s that are regularly reported to the Board and Executives through Governance or Steering committees.

A survey conducted by the Australian Cyber Security Centre, Australian Small and Medium Business in 2020 reported a cyber-attack occurring every 10 minutes. Over half of the businesses surveyed reported being not properly equipped to deal with a security breach resulting in an estimate of over 300 million dollars annually in losses, fines and penalties.

If you need a Cyber and Data Strategy that will transform and harden your business against Cyber or Data or Reputation risk, with full end-to-end solution implementation, or a cyber security expert placed in your company to cover resource shortfalls – we will utilize our over 25 years of experience to make sure you are on the right path.