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Solution Management


Basic Overview:

Having an idea for your Cyber Strategy is the first challenge of any business. Actually implementing that strategy is an entirely different beast. From the design stage to the deployment end state TLM has a wealth of experience in delivering end to end projects for small, medium and large corporations around Australia and the globe. Using our team of highly qualified employee’s TLM will help you to effectively scope your project requirements, devise a plan for its execution, and carry that plan out to its completion. Always keeping in mind balancing your business needs with our cyber-strategy implementation.

Details of what is included:

  • Development of a project plan: defining the Scope, Time, and Budget for the endeavour
  • Putting together a comprehensive and fully resourced plan and schedule that shows the life cycle of the project at every point. From the High-level overview to the day to day expectations.
  • Institution of regular governance reporting in order to keep you as informed as possible
  • Management of the Cyber Strategy Project execution
  • The providing of additional resourcing to enable project completion
  • The management of risks and issues that may arise during the project lifecycle
  • The delivery of all key project documentation

Some of our Qualifications include:

  • Leading a medium sized business to achieve a signed Attestation of Compliance for PCI DSS
  • Coordinating the sale of Managed Security Software between to major Telecommunications companies
  • The establishment of a project schedule for a multiyear major technology rollout