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Compliance Assessment and Risk Management


Basic Overview:

Performing a rigorous look at your Business Strategy, Technology Architecture and Systems, Policy, and Process our team will assess your business’ cyber security compliance levels against current Australian and International Legal and Commercial requirements. Our team then provide you with an overview of how to best mitigate any risks that are found to ensure your legal, Statutory and Commercial compliance.

Details Of What’s Included:

Our process includes:

  • Understanding and observing your current business practice
  • Developing “As-Is” analysis documents and helping to visualise your ideal “To-Be” workflow
  • Rating your organisations compliance levels against current industry frameworks (PCI DSS, ISO19600, NIST Cyber Security Framework)
  • Determining your current Statutory obligations, Regulatory Requirements, and Commercial Obligations
  • Advising you based not only on the current industry standards, but informing you on global trends going into the future
  • Developing a list of your key risks and how to best mitigate them
  • All while maintaining business continuity – so you can keep your lights on.

We are extremely customer focused – providing clear communication and a tailored experience for your business needs.


Some of our previous qualifications include:

  • Successfully saving small and medium business’ hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines by performing a compliance assessment of their company and guiding them toward a solution.
  • Successfully transforming the largest Australian Payments Business with an annual Revenue of $50B, working directly with Executive Directors and CEO
  • Structurally separating 3000 Telstra Applications and their Data into 3 Key P&L Business Units to achieve ACCC & Federal Government statutory requirements as part of $13B launch of NBNCo.
  • Drove the successful outcome of a global Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Program to deliver off-shore business service improvements in Cloud, Cyber Information Security from Tier 1 Strategic Outsourcing Partners (IBM, InfoSys, and Accenture & HP/EDS). Led PwC during policy and operational audits, investigations and assessments with weekly CEO reporting.