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Board Strategy and Guidance


Basic Overview:

Using decades of experience in Project Management, Cyber Strategy, Risk Management, advising Tier 1 Corporate Level Executives, and education received from the worlds top level universities TLM will help guide your business into its best future and global growth. By sitting with management to understand the current state of your organisation, its key business drivers and critical assets TLM will advise you on the best ways to mitigate your current risks, transform the culture around cyber security in your workplace, and build a sustainable business network.

Details of what’s included:

  • Analysis of your specific needs as an organisation through clear and open communication
  • Use of evidence based, proven, world-class strategy to provide a roadmap for future development
  • A focus on digital transformation, individual growth and learning, and policy and procedure
  • Providing Risk, Compliance, and Governance frameworks to drive change-ownership back into the leadership team and business
  • The development of a robust board-level strategy and culture change business plan to provide capital investment growth – with performance metrics to measure against.

Guiding your business into its best future is our priority. We are here to help.

Some of our Qualifications include:

  • Developed a $500M CAPEX Growth Strategy for a large telecommunications company to capture evolving new business markets over the next 10 years
  • Developed and executed an Organisational Transformation Strategy for Australia’s largest payments and billing platform to position for Asian growth expansion
  • Developed and executed an Implementation Strategy for a large telecommunications company that launched the Telstra IP Telephony Product and Services into national market and now generates $350M annual Revenue.
  • Developed and executed the Business Strategy to structurally separate 3000 Telstra Applications and their Data into 3 Key P&L Business Units to achieve ACCC & Federal Government statutory requirements as part of $13B launch of NBNCo.
  • Successfully developed and led the Turn-Around Strategy for a Metro Ambulance Service IT transformation program that transformed all in-the-field Emergency Patient Services and migrated 300+ Paramedics from an A3 Paper-based process to an A5 Writing Recognition Tablet methodology.