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Our People


Terry Bio:



Terry is a senior Strategic outcome-focused Program Business Management Executive, Non-Executive Director and Intrapreneur with significant Executive and Consulting experience in delivering deep organizational outcomes by combining Business Strategy, Culture Change, Cybersecurity, Critical Infrastructure and Compliance Risk within multi-year business Programs that transform the effectiveness and efficiency of Business Operations and improve CAGR.

Professional and Industry Experience

Working with C-Level Executives and Boards to resolve a diverse range of Strategic Business and Policy issues that affects Company operational and financial performance and reputation by making diverse complex problems simple and developing and delivering on strategic plans with budget and milestone KPI performance measurable outcomes.

Designed and deployed Corporate and Organisation Strategies, Governance and Risk & Compliance Programs for Telstra, various KPMG and E&Y Clients, Telstra Corporation, Australia Post, Bendigo Bank, International Defense companies and Federal/State Government departments over the last 20 years.

Event Co-host for Cybersecurity MeetUps (Melbourne and Sydney) that now has over 1400 Members combined in 2019 – the 2nd largest cybersecurity group in Australia, and the largest working grass-roots Cybersecurity meeting group.

Written 4x Articles in the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) magazine covering topics such as Technology Disruption, Cybersecurity, Risk Management, Big Data and Cloud from a NED Board and CxO perspective in CY2016 and CY2017

In the last 2 years written, setup and executed 4 Strategic Business Technology Programs in 3 different companies with a combined CAPEX total of $6.5Billion as the Programme Director accountable and responsible for resources, budget and milestone completion into C-Level Executives and company Board Directors.

Harvard Business School Alumni and SAID Business School Oxford University Alumni with Research projects in Business Cybersecurity Markets and Global Technology Business Risk

Anthony Bio:



Anthony is a team focused Project Manager with over 5 years’ experience working in the Project Management Space. By focusing on collaboration between people he has driven successful projects to completion in some of the southern hemisphere’s largest technology-based corporations. He has diplomas from RMIT in both Project Management and Cyber Security Risk and Strategy.

Professional and Industry Experience

Anthony has worked across the spectrum of the project management space, everything from Project Coordination and Management, to Process and training, Customer Liaising, Risk and Issue Management, Cyber Strategy, and Finance Auditing. He focuses on making sure he is adaptable and open to the changing nature of project execution.

He has worked across several major Telstra departments including Managed Security services – Facilitating the sale of Managed Security Software to a major international telecommunications provider , MTM NBN Delivery – Providing a financial audit between Telstra and the Federal Government, Procurement Commercial Group – establishing and managing the project schedule for a major technology rollout, Network Engineering – working in a a high level scheduler for a 200M technology rollout, and Transport Routing and Engineering – managing document libraries, scheduling, providing process and training, and doing governance reporting .

He begun project management training with an internship in the Core Consulting Group.