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Case Study: Small/Medium Business Labour Management and Hire 2019
Author: Anthony Michael

In the previous three case studies for this particular Small and Medium Business (SMB) we have spoken about how TLM were able to work with a company who in a precarious position. They were non-compliant with their Commercial and Legal obligations to Cyber Security, facing hefty fines and prosecution, and were struggling to deal with a troublesome part of their work force. We were able to guide them through a Compliance Assessment and provide some Risk Management options, advise on Board Strategy and Guidance for the future, and provide an End To End Management Solution for their compliance issue. In this case study lets have a look at how TLM was able to assist with their Labour Management and Hire.

Finding an appropriate resource to close a requirements gap is a delicate process in any situation, but especially in a small to medium sized business. There are several factors that have to be considered, for example:

  • Small business will always have the challenge of balancing their need to combat Cyber Risk with how much capital can be spent on resourcing. In an ideal universe would one love to have a team dedicated to making sure that have a secure space in a constantly evolving environment? Of course. But that is certainly not practical for the situation.
  • Organisational Culture. While there may be many qualified candidates to fill your company need, in a SMB environment this is not somebody who can separate themselves from their surroundings. Assessing the way your company operates and the personality types you are looking for is key to finding the right fit.
  • The skill required. It can be a tricky thing to identify the exact combination of skills required from a resource when delving into a new world. For most Small to Medium Business’ the landscape of Cyber Security is a very unfamiliar space. This is where TLM can help you to quickly and efficiently help you to identify risks and understand what your ongoing cyber strategy could look like – then find a labour resource through a 12-month managed services contract to ensure that common cyber risks don’t disrupt your daily operations and that you are able to meet your legal and commercial obligations, so that you can continue to grow your business locally, nationally, or globally.

Understanding this is why TLM, unlike most recruitment companies, doesn’t just proffer up whoever happens to be available at the time. Using our vast reach of local Australian cyber resources that have experience both across all types of small and medium business industries, but also as tier 1 corporate employees, we help to find the exact right fit for you.

In this particular case – after TLM had provided the client with their requested solution they decided that over the course of the next year they would want to perform a technology uplift on their environment.

Finding somebody who was able to operate in their price range, provide the highest level of service, and could manage navigate their network was the priority.

We decided that the best fit for the operation was the technical lead that had worked with us to provide their compliance solution. They were already familiar with the environment, was extremely qualified to provide the service they required, and was able to work to their business drivers and provided an indicative budget to complete all key tasks and milestones for cashflow budgeting planning.