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Labour Management and Hire


Basic Overview:

Above and beyond a typical IT Recruitment Agency - At TLM we understand Cyber, Data, and Information Security and Compliance at a global and national standard; having developed, led, and completed large and complex online and data security programs for our Clients.

We have developed strong working relationships with many Australian professionals who, as experts in their fields, understand current Australian, Regional, and Global risks and trends.

TLM can quickly help Clients to identify those risks and trends, develop a plan of action, and then match the client with a proven and verified resource to support your daily operations that meet best practice for legal and regulatory obligations – so that your online and data risks are reduced and managed.

Some details of what is included:

  • A discussion with Senior Management of your current situation
  • Interviews with key Stakeholders
  • Develop job specifications 
  • The selection of candidates for your consideration
  • Help managing that resource going forward over the period of engagement


Some Of Our Qualifications for many small and medium business:

  1. Building and managing a virtual team of experts for specific company risks to be treated and managed
  2. Orchestrating key Client resources together with TLM experts to achieve quick solution milestones
  3. Transfer of key knowledge and information back to Client personal, as part of the solution management process ensuring that Client personal are mentored and grown through solution implementation